Late Ashok Garg

Founder, ASKA

Late Shri Ashok Hazarilal Garg, the Founder & Managing Director of ASKA, was a highly experienced and accomplished figurehead in the industry. His deep understanding of the industry and commitment to excellence made him a commendable leader, setting a benchmark in leadership. His strategic direction and vision were the key driving forces behind ASKA's growth as a brand. He was also dedicated to nation-building and used his knowledge and wisdom to guide the organisation towards achieving its goals. Under his leadership, ASKA had become a well-respected and successful company in the industry.

Business Team

R.R Chhimpa
Vice President (Operations & Development)
Rom Prakash Bhagat
National Sales Head
Deepak Kumar Sharma
General Manager (Aftermarket)
Ashish Noutiyal
Deputy Manager