ASKA’s VT 8 vertical light tower is a durable, energy-efficient device that emits intense white light with a colour temperature of over 5000° K. It features LED 4 lenses with a special asymmetrical combination for higher transparency, and better spread and focus, giving better uniformity of light in a wider area coverage. It also has a 359° rotatable lighting mast making it suitable for various purposes including civil engineering works, industrial operations, mining works, as well as construction and defence requirements.

Mobile Light Tower

VT-8 1000W MH

Dependable Solution to Light up the Work Area

VT-8 350W LED

Cost Effective Solution for Lighting for Long Working Hours


Pollution less Noiseless Solution using AC Power

VT-8 400W LED

Powered by a Kohler engine and comes with a 120-litre fuel tank