ASKA’s VT 8 vertical light tower is a durable, energy-efficient device that emits intense white light with a colour temperature of over 5000° K. It features LED 4 lenses with a special asymmetrical combination for higher transparency, and better spread and focus, giving better uniformity of light in a wider area coverage. It also has a 359° rotatable lighting mast making it suitable for various purposes including civil engineering works, industrial operations, mining works, as well as construction and defence requirements.

Aska Mobile light towers comprises of three main components i.e Power Source (Engine with alternator or Battery bank ), Mast with LED lights and controller having unmatched advanced technological features including ease of portability providing most economical and qualitative advantages to the users. In addition, It has high lumens covering wide viewing range including longer depth & more coverage area with sufficient intensity of light. Further, It takes full care of the safety of the complete Ligting tower including components as well as workforce deployed thereby. It is next generation exemplary product with remarkable life cycle, sustainabilty and green energy meeting prescribed emission norms by Ministry of Environment

Mobile Light Tower

VT-8 1000W MH

Dependable Solution to Light up the Work Area

VT-8 350W LED

Cost Effective Solution for Lighting for Long Working Hours


Pollution less Noiseless Solution using AC Power

VT-8 400W LED

Powered by a Kohler engine and comes with a 120-litre fuel tank