The Portable Inflatable Emergency Lighting System is designed for ease of transportation and setup, featuring a built-in 1200VA/750 VA engine and generator (Genset) as a portable power source. It includes two blowers and a 400W metal halide lamp.

The blower inflates cloth at a height of 4.5 meters from the ground level on switching on the Genset. It can illuminate an area of up to 10,000 square meters.


  • Glare-free light
  • Easy to transport
  • Quick deployment

Lower Height

Easy to move

All light at one direction

Light Weight

Specifications Availability
Closed system [LxBxH] mm (Nominal) approx. 545 X 450 X 500mm
Height 4.5 Metres
Minimum weight of the system (without fuel and storage box) 45 Kg
Genset details 4-Stroke
Generator rated output (VA) 230V/50Hz 1200VA / 750VA
Fuel tank capacity (L) 8.0L / 3.6L
Continuous operating hours 10+ Hours/5.5 Hours
Starting system Recoil
Light source 400W Metal halide lamp
Lamp light output (brightness) 42,000 Lumens
Outside wind speed at which the balloon shall remain erected 45 km/hr and 70 km /hr) with stabilizing /supporting rods
Time for tower extension/ inflation 60 Sec
Time to pack "maximum deflation time including repacking time 4 Minutes
No. of air blowers of suitable rating Two
Balloon heights in inflated condition from the base plate 4.5 Metres
Light up area (Approx.) 10000 Sq.Meters
Option of Supplies Available

Only the light tower without any power source

Light tower with Honda EP 1000 Genset

Light tower with Battery bank