The Shape Shifter LED Tower is powered by a Honda engine and a lithium battery bank. It features an automatic single-touch mast opening for ease of use. At 45 kg, it is lightweight and easy to transport to difficult-to-reach areas.

LED Light Tower pneumatically extendable upto 13.5 feet height,has multiple selectable power source options of generator & engine with fuel as diesel or petrol, apart from battery bank ( solar or Lithium providing more 50,000 lumens with 360 watt power consumption in flood light upto 180 degree or 360 degree. Being low weight of 45 KG easily towable and portable.


  • Powered by a Honda engine and a lithium battery bank
  • 4+ metre height
  • Automatic mast opening with single touch button
  • 45Kg weight + accessories
  • 60 Watt X 6 = 360 Watt total

Lower Height

Easy to move

All light at one direction

Light Weight

Specifications Availability
Total lumens More than 50,000
IP rating for LED lamp/ luminaire IP 67
Operating temperature -20° C to +50° C
Input voltage 100 to 305 VAC/ 50 Hz
Mast operation type Pneumatic type with a single touch button
Integrated wheels Yes
Adjusted tripod legs Yes
Weight of the light tower 45 kg (without accessories)
Power source Honda EP 1000 genset runs for 9 hours on full load lithium battery bank
Wind resistance Up to 12.5 m/s without resistance
Certifications BIS approved LED luminaire & drivers. In addition, the complete product was tested by NABL approved lab
Option of Supplies Available

Only the light tower without any power source

Light tower with Honda EP 1000 Genset

Light tower with Battery bank